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    You are in the processes of your wedding planning and it’s time to book your wedding photographer. I can image your stress and the emotions you are feeling but allow me relieve some of that for you.

    Looking for a wedding photographer is a tough job to say the least, but today I want to provide you some things you should follow when looking for a wedding photographer.

    • Find a photographer that fits your personality.

    Your photographer is one of the few people you will be spending your whole day with. You will be side by side all day as they document your day, and you want someone you can connect with. Someone who you know you can pick up the phone and call or text if you are in trouble.

    • Find a photographer that can capture your day the way you want it to be captured.

    Years from now you will look at your wedding photos and you want to be able to look back on them and say, “I remember that.” In doing this you want to look for a photographer that is good with all kinds of lighting, unplanned moments, and that is able to tell your story the way you want it to be told.

    A critical part to doing this is asking the photographer you inquire to see a full gallery of a wedding they have done. This way you can see exactly what a ‘typical’ wedding gallery looks like.

    • See if they have good reviews!

    You want a photographer that goes above and beyond for you! In doing this read over the reviews other people have given this photographer, are they positive? Are they negative? Does the photographer make people comfortable? Are they professional?

    By checking for these things in your reviews you will be able to see if you can trust this photographer or not, and more importantly, if you are the right fit!

    • Find a photographer with good communication!

    Communication is KEY to a successful wedding day. From text messages, email communication, touching base with you about your wedding planning and see if you need a hand, to answering any questions you have!

    If you don’t hear back from a photographer you have inquired within in 3 days, you should probably keep looking. By not hearing back from a photographer in the inquiry stage in a efficient matter can often lead to negative things later on if/when you book that photographer.

    I know this process sounds stressful although I can guarantee you that the right photographer for you is out there! It takes time, lots of inquiring, consulting, although in the end you will have the photographer that will tell your story in the best way it can be told.

    If you have more questions about booking a photographer, or would like to chat about your wedding day, contact me! I would LOVE to chat with you!

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