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    So, you are debating on doing a first look on your wedding day, or you have had friends tell you that you should do one. But you don’t know what the best option is, to do a first look or not?

    Let’s break it down, shall we:

    What are the benefits of doing a first look?

    • Having all your photos completed before the ceremony (wedding party photos, family photos, and your photos)
    • Having a private moment for just the two of you.
    • Completing some your photos after this special moment the two of you have.
    • Having extra time in your wedding to relax, kick back, and take in everything on your wedding day.

    What are the downfalls of doing a first look?

    • You won’t be able to share that exciting moment of everyone seeing you for the first time.
    • You may feel rushed to get ready or have an earlier time frame in order to complete these photos ahead of time.
    • You want more of a ‘traditional’ wedding day.

    As you can see by each of these questions, doing a first look can be great thing but also can have downfalls. My best advice to all my couples is this; do what you want and do you what you think will be best in the moment for the two of you!

    If you want something more private, do a first look. If you want something where everyone can enjoy the moment with you, do not do a first look.

    Whichever choice you do, I know it will be the right one and I support you 100%! No matter what though, let’s tell your love story in the best way possible because that is what your wedding day is all about.

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