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    COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into many wedding plans, including Paige and Chris’s. These two had all the dreams of getting married in 2020. However, the world had other plans. 2021 came, and these two decided they were getting married this year, no matter what! June 19th came along, and it turned out to be the best day that Paige and Chris could ever imagine!

    Fifteen of their closest friends and family joined them at their Victoria Beach cabin, sharing stories, laughs, and many good times on this special day! There are stories about sports, ramps from their friends, and lots of great beverages!

    All of this to say, if you are re-planning your wedding, go ahead with it anyway! Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, no matter how it turns out. In the end, this special day is for the two of you and celebrating the love you share, just like Paige and Chris!

    Congratulations again, Paige & Chris!


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