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      /  Engagement   /  Jessica & Todd

    It’s crazy how small Winnipeg really is! Jessica and Todd are so in love and little did I know that Todd went to school with one of my best friends! Crazy!

    As soon as we met at a local Winnipeg coffee shop for their wedding consultation we hit it off right away! From cracking jokes, to telling me about how Todd proposed, how they met, and even how they went to a Jets Whiteout together as ‘friends’ but little did they knew they would marry each other! It’s amazing how things work out.

    For Jessica and Todd’s engagement we adventured threw the Assiniboine Forest in Winnipeg, Manitoba as the fall weather slowly came upon us. From walking throughout the trails, Todd showing his endless love for Jessica, and laughing a whole bunch, it was a blast with these two as you will see!

    To say we are all excited for them to get married this year is a complete understatement. Covid or not, I can’t wait for these two to continue their love story in the future!


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