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    Marissa Naylor Photography

      /  Wedding   /  Elmhurst golf & Country Club wedding with Jessica & Todd

    Jessica and Todd are two of the sweetest humans I’ve had the privilege of meeting.

    We first met for coffee at Mountain Bean on Henderson, and everything after that meeting was history! We clicked instantly, started cracking jokes, picturing their wedding day, and slowly saw this special day come to life!
    During the fall season, we explored Assiniboine Forest in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for their engagement session where we laughed probably too much, cracked too many dad jokes, and had the best time of our lives.
    Fast forward to July 2021, when Jessica and Todd committed to spending the rest of their lives together. Jessica and Todd had one of the most intentional ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed as a photographer upon friends, family, and a pandemic. As soon as Jessica came down the aisle, Todd’s mother was tearing up as the ceremony began; it was an emotional day.
    As we closed out the day with the reception, the speeches that we’re told are one for the books! There was nothing short of laughter and a good time, from fishing trips to kindergarten stories and everything in between. Once the speeches began to close out, Jessica, Todd, and all the wedding vendors headed out to capture them in the stunning sunset we had that evening, and let me tell you! It was AMAZZZINNGGGGG!

    With all this to say, Jessica and Todd had the best celebration, and it was my privilege to capture such an incredible love story.
    Congratulations, you two!


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